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NECA Aliens banner

Advertising banner for NECA's Aliens figures.

The NECA Aliens toys are an ongoing line of action figures and accessories based on the Alien franchise. While the line initially focused on figures from the 1986 film Aliens, it has since included a number of figures based on Alien and Alien3, as well as select comic books and video games in the franchise. A total of seven series have been released so far, with an eighth confirmed as being on the way, plus a range of 1/4 scale and other figures.

Despite its name, the line also includes several figures based on the Alien vs. Predator franchise, although all of these are Alien figures. Along with its Aliens toys, NECA also produces an ongoing line of Predator figures.


Series 1Edit

Series 2Edit

  • AlienThe Alien
  • Aliens — Xenomorph Warrior (Blue Tint)
  • Craig Windrix tribute — Sergeant Craig Windrix
  • Aliens — Private William Hudson vs. Xenomorph Warrior (Battle Damaged) 2-pack

Series 3Edit

Series 4Edit

Series 5Edit

  • Aliens — Lt. Ellen Ripley
  • Aliens — Bishop (Severed Torso), Egg and Facehugger
  • Aliens: Genocide — Xenomorph Warrior
  • Aliens: Genocide — Xenomorph Warrior (Red)

Series 6Edit

Series 7Edit

Series 8Edit

  • Alien3 — Ripley (In Prisoner Uniform)
  • Alien3Weyland-Yutani Commando
  • Alien3 — Dog Alien (Brown Tint)
  • Alien3 — Dog Alien (Gray Tint)

Series 9 (upcoming)Edit

Series 10 (upcoming)Edit

1/4 Scale figuresEdit

  • Alien — Big Chap (The Alien)
  • Aliens — 1986 Warrior



1/4 scale figuresEdit

Other figuresEdit

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