Micro Machines Aliens Collection 2.

The Galoob Aliens Micro Machines toys were a 1996 line of scale miniature toys based on the Alien franchise. A total of three miniature sets, three larger scale Action Fleet vehicles and one Transforming Action Set playset were released before the toy line's cancellation in 1997.

Along with the Aliens toys, Galoob also produced a line of Predator Micro Machines toys.


Micro MachinesEdit

  • Aliens Action Set (unreleased)

Aliens Action FleetEdit

  • Narcissus
    • Includes Alien and Ripley figures
  • Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)
    • Includes Hudson and Alien figures
  • Outer World Station (unreleased)

Transforming Action SetEdit

  • Aliens
    • Includes Parker and Spacesuit Kane figures and Derelict Ship vehicle