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Kenner line of toys

Various action figures have been made depicting specialized Xenomorphs, such as the Gorilla Alien, Snake Alien, Arachnid Alien, Flying Queen Alien, and Bull Alien action figures released by Kenner Toys to coincide with the release of the SNES Alien vs. Predator game; the Gorilla, Snake, and Flying Queen Aliens appear as boss enemies in the game. Several of these Kenner Aliens would later be repainted as KB Toys exclusives in three separate lines, including Aliens vs. Marines two-packs and the Hive Wars line incorporating previously unreleased figures. An Aliens vs. Predator toyline is released later and it included Predators from the Predator toyline which replaced the Space/Colonial Marines.


The 1998 Alien: Legacy card collection included a rare full view of the Alien artwork used on all of the Kenner Aliens and Operation Aliens merchandise.

In the secondary-canon list of castes, are the following:

thumb|300px|right|Another commercial of the toyline.

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