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Aliens: The Female War

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The Female War Cover
Aliens: The Female War
Author(s) Steve Perry, S. D. Perry
Publisher Bantam Books
Release date(s) August 1993
Media type Paperback
Pages 293
ISBN 0-553-56159-6
Series Aliens Book Series
Preceded by Aliens: Nightmare Asylum
Followed by
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Aliens: The Female War, written by Steve Perry and S. D. Perry, is a 1993 novelization of the Aliens: Earth War comic book series. The Female War is the final novel in the "Book" trilogy, preceded by Nightmare Asylum and Earth Hive.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Lieutenant Ellen Ripley awoke from her long journey in space with a hole in her memory and an overwhelming drive to survive. When she meets Wilks and Billie, the two battered veterans in the war against the aliens, she realizes she's found two comrades in arms--and she's ready to take up the fight.

Only then does she discover the devastating secret that lurks behind her long sleep. When she, Wilks, and Billie prepare to meet the aliens head-on to turn a powerful alien queen against her spawn in a battle intended to save Earth, that secret becomes her greatest weapon--and her greatest liability. As the fate of Earth hangs in the balance, Ripley and Billie must come to terms with what it means to be alien...and what it means to be human.



This story is set after the Earth is destroyed and infested by Aliens. Ripley is back and haunted by the memories of Newt. Determined to destroy the aliens once and for all. She teams up with Wilks a hardened marine who has fought the aliens many times, and Billie the only survivor of an infestation on the colony Rim, and a group of marines and heads to the alien home planet. While there, Ripley plans to kidnap the Queen Mother and return her to Earth in order to draw all aliens on the planet to the bomb site in which the Queen Mother is held.

Behind the scenesEdit

Originally written before Alien3 , this story originally featured Hicks, Newt and Ripley and later replaced by Wilks, Billie and a droid Ripley. This was one of three stories originally featuring the original survivors of LV-426.

Other books in the seriesEdit

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