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Aliens: Rogue is a 1995 novel adapted by Sandy Schofield based on the comic book by Ian Edington.

Short reviewEdit

"Another of Dark Horse's Aliens Library, here's a colorful, high-production trade paperback featuring America's favorite badass thing from outer space. How's this for a tagline: "We don't just conquer our fears, we market them." Thus are the workings of the Charon site -- to exploit all aspects of the alien's anatomy for human use. But all progress demands some sacrifice, right? Unfortunately, the research involves quite a bit of preludial experimentation, and in this case the "lab rats" are humans. Hence Project Chimera, where Director Ernst Kleist aims to gene-splice his way to hybridize a queen capable of producing controllable aliens. The implication? Whole colonies of aliens could be bio-programmed for any task. But when Joyce Palmer, an unknowing transport captain, begins to read between the lines, all hell breaks loose. "Bug-hunting" in a big way here, and all kinds of alien-acid bloodshed. Add to that deep-space espionage, sonic weapons, and one very pissed-off Marine, and you've got another terrific issue in the Aliens saga."

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