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Aliens Operation Rescue
Aliens: Operation: Rescue
Written by Dan Jolley
Illustrated by Denis Rodier
Inked by Denis Rodier
Colored by
Lettered by Dan Nakrosis
Cover(s) by Mark A. Nelson
Edited by Dan Thorsland
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Release date(s) 1992
Media type
Series Aliens: Space Marines
Preceded by Aliens: Desert Storm
Followed by Aliens: Hive War
Alternate cover
[[Image:{{{alternate image}}}|center|200px]]
{{{alternate caption}}}

Aliens: Operation: Rescue is a mini-comic that was published by Dark Horse Comics in 1992. It was included exclusively with the Scorpion Alien action figure produced by Kenner Products. The story was written by Dan Jolley, illustrated and inked by Denis Rodier, lettered by Dan Nakrosis and edited by Dan Thorsland, with cover art by Mark A. Nelson.

Operation: Rescue was a part of the Aliens: Space Marines series, a number of mini-comics included exclusively with certain toys from Kenner's Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator toy lines. It was the second comic in the series, continuing the story started in Aliens: Desert Storm, and its story was continued in the subsequent comic, Aliens: Hive War.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Sometime in the future...

Humankind has begun to explore space, colonizing planets throughout the galaxy. Leading the way are the SPACE MARINES, the toughest heavy metal warriors in the galaxy! Armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art weaponry, they keep the peace in a universe filled with danger... and ALIENS!

Vicious, gruesome, and deadly, the Aliens spit acid, and use slithering face huggers to capture their prey. Led by their sinister Queen, the Aliens are spreading everywhere, mutating into more deadly forms as they go. Earth's last defense: The Space Marines, known throughout the galaxy as the best bug-fighters around.

So lock and load, Marine, the invasion is on!


Bishop and Corp. Hicks enter a Xenomorph Hive in search of Sgt. Apone, who has been captured and cocooned by the Aliens. They encounter a group of Scorpion Aliens, but quickly dispatch them and locate Apone, cocooned to the wall. After freeing the Sergeant, they group attempt to escape the Hive, but run straight into the Queen...

Reprint HistoryEdit

Aliens: Operation: Rescue was never offered for individual sale anywhere and was exclusive to the Scorpion Alien toy from Kenner with which it was packaged.

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