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Aliens Newt's Tale 1
Cover to Aliens: Newt's Tale issue 1 by artist John Bolton
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Aliens: Newt's Tale is a two-issue comic book based on the film Aliens published by Dark Horse Comics from June-July 1992. While largely an adaptation of the movie entirely from the perspective of Newt, it also features numerous scenes not included in the film, including a lengthy section set during the initial stages of the Xenomorph infestation at Hadley's Hope, before the Colonial Marines arrive.

The comic was written by Mike Richardson, based on James Cameron's screenplay, and was drawn by Jim Somerville, inked by Brian Garvey and colored by Gregory Wright, with painted covers by John Bolton. The series was edited by Randy Stradley. The series has never been collected or reprinted, save for a single reprint in Trade Paperback for the United Kingdom in 1994 by Titan Books Ltd.

In the Aliens comics line, Aliens: Newt's Tale was published concurrently with Dark Horse's adaptation of Alien3 (June-July 1992), and was followed by Aliens: Renegade (Aug.-Sept. 199) and Aliens: Horror Show (Oct.-Dec. 1992).


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Cover to Aliens: Newt's Tale issue 2 (Also UK TPB Cover) by artist John Bolton
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The series retells the story of Aliens from the perspective of Rebecca "Newt" Jorden, including how the colony of Hadley's Hope encountered and was overrun by the Alien infestation just prior to the events of the film.


  • Much of the additional material in the comic is based on scenes that were filmed but cut from Aliens prior to release, including Russ and Anne Jorden discovering the Derelict Ship, Hicks' concern that he might get rabies when Newt repeatedly bites him and Burke's death within the Hive. While none of this footage made it into the theatrical cut of the film, the scene where Russ and Anne discover the derelict was later reinstated in the extended Special Edition. The initial takeover of the colony, however, was never scripted to be a part of the film.

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