Aliens: Dead Orbit is an ongoing four-issue limited comic book series being published currently by Dark Horse Comics from April-August 2017, with the first issue being released as part of Alien Day. The story is written and illustrated by James Stokoe, with cover art by Stokoe. Geof Darrow and Rafael Albuquerque also provided variant covers for the first issue.

Aliens: Dead Orbit takes place in 2295 CE on the Sphacteria, a Weyland-Yutani fuel depot/waystation in a rather forgotten and secluded part of space. The plot pits the crew of the Sphacteria against the deadly Xenomorph species, and much like the doomed crew of the Nostromo, their resources are limited.

In the Aliens comics line, Aliens: Dead Orbit is preceded by Aliens: The Original Comics Series Volume 2.

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#1: After a horrific accident strikes a space station, an engineering officer must use all available tools — a timer, utility kit, and his wits — to survive an attack from the deadliest creature known to man.

#2: Having narrowly escaped the deadly Xenomorph, Wascylewski moves around the hold of the ship, wary of his terrifying pursuer. His reflexes are tested again — but this time, by a sudden, massive breach in the hull. Will he survive?

#3: Wascylewski survived the sudden breach in his ship's hull, but is in no better a situation: he comes to, cocooned tightly to the wall under the surveillance of the twin Xenomorphs. With only two hours left on his countdown timer and nowhere to go, he will have to pull out his final tricks in order to stay alive.

#4: With one last gambit aboard the space station, Wascylewski finds himself ambushed by two more deadly Xenomorphs that will stop at nothing until he's dead.


In the year 2295, an unknown vessel is noticed by the crew of the fuel depot Sphacteria orbiting the gas giant Pylos. Crewmember Park identifies that the ship is an old company freighter sold at auction to a private buyer. She also informs Captain Hassan that the ship contains Hypersleep chambers, and that the crew of the ship may still be in hypersleep. Communications Officer Rook is less than enthusiastic, believing that they may be pirates.

Hassan tells Park and Engineering Officer Wascylewski that they are going to board the ship in their shuttle, alongside Medical Officer Harrow and Security Officer Torrenson.


The passengers get burned alive.

The crew board the ship and explore its interior. They do not seem impressed with its conditions, with Hassan calling it a "deathtrap". Wascylewski notices a massive hole through a wall, citing that something had melted through the bulkhead. As he catches up with the rest, the crew encounter three humans in hypersleep chambers; two male twins and a female. Wassy uses a terminal and identifies that although the system is giving him much data, their vital signs seem normal. Hassan suggests waking them up, though Torrenson advises against it.


Park flips the switch but something goes awry. The coolant tank breaks and the chambers begin violently overheating, burning the members in stasis alive. The group panics and eventually manage to break the chambers open, bringing out the horribly charred and disfigured passengers, choking and gurgling and in a state of shock.

The group return to the Sphacteria and bring the lone passengers to the med-bay whilst Wassy returns by himself to go to life-support. As he turns a corner, he hallucinates a Xenomorph, only for it to turn out to be a mesh of pipes and machinery. As he recovers from his scare, a loose cord blasts steam into his direction, covering his field of view. As Wascylewski looks into the smoke-covered corridor, a real Xenomorph emerges from the mist.

Wascylewski runs into the medbay where the others reside, leaving a case he was carrying behind. Harrow is desperately trying to treat the convulsing patients and is forced to give them sedatives. Wassy grabs a bottle of alcohol and attempts to leave to his quarters, but Hassan stops him and orders him to begin deciphering the ships systems.

Later, Wassy recovers data that reveals that the ship's last entry had them exchanging supplies for Chinese Yuan, with only frontier colonies in desolate space still using the currency. Wassy deduces that if the crew initiated emergency procedures aboard the ship, then the vessel would autopilot them to the nearest corporate location, in this case, the Sphacteria. Additionally, he identifies that the ship originally contained eight crewmembers, not three.


The crew witness the birthing of a Chestburster.

Park suddenly contacts Hassan, telling him that Harrow needs immediate help. As Hassan and the others return to the medbay, they are met with Park and Harrow attempting to hold down the seizing passengers, who had already been given a full dosage of sedatives. Suddenly, two Chestbursters erupt from the passengers. The others watch in horror as the Chestbursters escape from the medbay.

Wascylewski suddenly realizes that he forgot the case after his encounter with the Alien and goes back to retrieve it. A sudden hull breach results in him having to perform an emergency and seal the area, but not before loosing enough air to pass out. As he reawakens he sees two Aliens by his side, one dragging him by foot down a corridor.


Reprint History Edit

Aliens: Dead Orbit will be collected and released as a trade paperback on November 15, 2017. The collected edition will reuse James Stokoe's cover artwork from issue 1.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Aliens: Dead Orbit was one of the comics selected to be a part of Dark Horse Comics' 30th anniversary variant cover program — issue 1 received a special variant cover by Geof Darrow.

Aliens: Dead Orbit #1 was released on April 26, 2017, alongside Aliens: Defiance #11 and Prometheus: Life and Death - Final Conflict, as part of Alien Day.

Trivia Edit

  • Sphacteria is a small island at the entrance to the bay of Pylos in the Peloponnese, Greece. Similarly, The Sphacteria in Dead Orbit is an outpost in high orbit over the gas giant Pylos. Greek history and mythology are a recurring point of reference in the Alien franchise; other notable examples include the moon Acheron, the comic Aliens: Rogue (which contains numerous references), the ships Archimedes and Anesidora, the novel Alien: River of Pain, and references to the Titan Prometheus in both Prometheus Tech and the film Prometheus.
  • In issue 1, a member of a derelict crew perishes when he is incinerated within a cryotube that malfunctions during a forced entry. This scene resembles Captain Branson's death in Alien: Covenant.

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