The following is a list of challenges in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Tier 1Edit

These challenges can be completed in either campaign or multiplayer.

  1. Field Modified: Purchase a Marine weapon upgrade.
  2. Spray N' Pray: Kill 5 enemies with hip fire.
  3. Two For One: Kill two enemies with one shot from an Underslung Grenade Launcher.
  4. Boom Stick: Kill 20 enemies using the Pump Shotgun's primary fire.
  5. Big Fukin' Signal: Track 5 xenos at once on your Motion Tracker.
  6. Heavily Armed: Kill 7 enemies using a primary weapon's alternate fire.
  7. Kill Or Be Killed: Kill 20 enemies with any rifle's primary fire.
  8. Straight Shooter: Get 10 headshots using the Service Pistol.
  9. Airtime: Kill 20 enemies that are climbing on the walls or ceiling.
  10. Superior Firepower: Kill 2 enemies with the Smart Gun, Flamethrower or RPG in a campaign mission.
  11. Short, Controlled Bursts: Do not miss an enemy with any bullets from a full rifle mag.
  12. Sharp Shooter: Kill 20 enemies that are 15m away or farther, using the Battle Rifle.
  13. Trapper: Kill 20 enemies with Battle Rifle Mines.
  14. Second To None: Kill 15 enemies with any side arm.
  15. Carry A Big Stick: Kill 3 enemies with a primary weapon's alternate fire without dying.
  16. Back On Your Feet: Revive 5 other players in Coop Campaign or Versus Matches.
  17. Equal Opportunity: Kill 20 enemies using the Combat Pistol.
  18. Set Em Up, Knock Em Down: Kill 10 enemies with Claymores, Mine Launcher Mines or Acid Traps.
  19. Spread The Love: Kill 2 enemies within 10 seconds using the SMG.
  20. Xenophobia: Kill 10 Soldier, 10 Lurker or 10 Spitter xeno's.
  21. Blown To Hell: Kill 20 enemies using the Assault Rifle's Grenade Launcher.
  22. Make It Count: Shoot enemies with an entire clip using the Service Pistol without missing or reloading.
  23. Down But Not Out: Kill an enemy while incapacitated.
  24. Amateur Surgeon: Decapitate a xenomorph.
  25. Flash Fire: Kill 2 enemies with fire damage within 10 seconds.
  26. Judge, Jury And Executioner: Execute 20 enemies using the Pulse Rifle's primary fire
  27. Shotty Workmanship: Kill 20 enemies using the Tactical Shotguns primary fire
  28. Keep Up The Fire: Kill 6 enemies in under 60 seconds using the SMG
  29. Reflex Action: Kill 5 xenomorphs that are inside a vent using the Pump Shotgun
  30. The Silent Killer: Kill 5 enemies using a Suppressor on the Battle Rifle
  31. Amputation: Remove 20 limbs from xenos using the Tactical Shotgun
  32. Stand Your Ground: Make the killing shot on a Crusher using the Service Pistol
  33. Combined Arms: Use the Combat Pistol to kill 10 enemies that were on fire
  34. Feel The Burn: Kill 20 enemies using Firebombs
  35. Assault With Intent: Kill 20 enemies using the Assault Rifle's primary fire
  36. Light Em Up: Kill 20 enemies using the Assault Rifles Underslung Flamethrower
  37. Shock Trooper: Kill 20 enemies that were stunned using the Tactical Shotguns Arc Rounds

Tier 2Edit

These challenges are focused mainly on the Campaign.

Tier 3Edit

These challenges are focused mainly on the Multiplayer, but some are still completable in the Campaign.