The following is a list of challenges in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Tier 1

These challenges can be completed in either campaign or multiplayer.

  1. Field Modified: Purchase a Marine weapon upgrade.
  2. Spray N' Pray: Kill 5 enemies with hip fire.
  3. Two For One: Kill two enemies with one shot from an Underslung Grenade Launcher.
  4. Boom Stick: Kill 20 enemies using the Pump Shotgun's primary fire.
  5. Big Fukin' Signal: Track 5 xenos at once on your Motion Tracker.
  6. Heavily Armed: Kill 7 enemies using a primary weapon's alternate fire.
  7. Kill Or Be Killed: Kill 20 enemies with any rifle's primary fire.
  8. Straight Shooter: Get 10 headshots using the Service Pistol.
  9. Airtime: Kill 20 enemies that are climbing on the walls or ceiling.
  10. Superior Firepower: Kill 2 enemies with the Smart Gun, Flamethrower or RPG in a campaign mission.
  11. Short, Controlled Bursts: Do not miss an enemy with any bullets from a full rifle mag.
  12. Sharp Shooter: Kill 20 enemies that are 15m away or farther, using the Battle Rifle.
  13. Trapper: Kill 20 enemies with Battle Rifle Mines.
  14. Second To None: Kill 15 enemies with any side arm.
  15. Carry A Big Stick: Kill 3 enemies with a primary weapon's alternate fire without dying.
  16. Back On Your Feet: Revive 5 other players in Coop Campaign or Versus Matches.
  17. Equal Opportunity: Kill 20 enemies using the Combat Pistol.
  18. Set Em Up, Knock Em Down: Kill 10 enemies with Claymores, Mine Launcher Mines or Acid Traps.
  19. Spread The Love: Kill 2 enemies within 10 seconds using the SMG.
  20. Xenophobia: Kill 10 Soldier, 10 Lurker or 10 Spitter xeno's.
  21. Blown To Hell: Kill 20 enemies using the Assault Rifle's Grenade Launcher.
  22. Make It Count: Shoot enemies with an entire clip using the Service Pistol without missing or reloading.
  23. Down But Not Out: Kill an enemy while incapacitated.
  24. Amateur Surgeon: Decapitate a xenomorph.
  25. Flash Fire: Kill 2 enemies with fire damage within 10 seconds.
  26. Judge, Jury And Executioner: Execute 20 enemies using the Pulse Rifle's primary fire
  27. Shotty Workmanship: Kill 20 enemies using the Tactical Shotguns primary fire
  28. Keep Up The Fire: Kill 6 enemies in under 60 seconds using the SMG
  29. Reflex Action: Kill 5 xenomorphs that are inside a vent using the Pump Shotgun
  30. The Silent Killer: Kill 5 enemies using a Suppressor on the Battle Rifle
  31. Amputation: Remove 20 limbs from xenos using the Tactical Shotgun
  32. Stand Your Ground: Make the killing shot on a Crusher using the Service Pistol
  33. Combined Arms: Use the Combat Pistol to kill 10 enemies that were on fire
  34. Feel The Burn: Kill 20 enemies using Firebombs
  35. Assault With Intent: Kill 20 enemies using the Assault Rifle's primary fire
  36. Light Em Up: Kill 20 enemies using the Assault Rifles Underslung Flamethrower
  37. Shock Trooper: Kill 20 enemies that were stunned using the Tactical Shotguns Arc Rounds

Tier 2

These challenges are focused mainly on the Campaign.

Tier 3

These challenges are focused mainly on the Multiplayer, but some are still completable in the Campaign.