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Alien harvest
Aliens: Alien Harvest
Author(s) Robert Sheckley
Publisher Bantam Spectra
Release date(s) August 1, 1995
Media type Paperback
Pages 296
Cover by John Bolton
ISBN 0-553-56441-2
Preceded by Aliens: Genocide
Followed by Aliens: Rogue
Alternate cover
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{{{alternate caption}}}

Aliens: Alien Harvest is a 1995 novelization of the comic book series Aliens: Harvest, written by Robert Sheckley and published by Bantam Spectra. In the book, dying inventor Dr. Myakovsky and professional thief Julie Lish recruit a team of convicts to take part in a raid on an Alien Hive planet, seeking to make off with a large quantity of Royal Jelly that they can then sell at a huge profit. They are assisted in the assault by Mayakovsky's latest invention, a robotic Xenomorph christened "Norbert".

Publisher's SummaryEdit


Royal jelly, that most illicit of Alien by-products, is keeping Dr. Stan Myakovsky alive. A once-famous scientist fallen on hard times, Stan is fighting off the repo-men and trying hard to patent the cybernetic ant that will reinstate his reputation.

Julie Lish is beautiful, mysterious, and totally amoral. She has a plan so outrageous that there might be one chance in a million to pull it off.

Together they make an attempt to grab the ultimate pot of gold — royal jelly from an Alien hive. This time the humans are taking the offensive!


  • In the original comic, Stan's surname was spelt Mayakovsky. In the novel, it is instead spelt Myakovsky.


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