This article covers all the known deleted scenes from the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator. Some of the sequences here never progressed past the early script or storyboard stages, while others were filmed before being cut during the editing process. Despite their removal, several of these scenes were included in the movie's novelization.

Where applicable, the names of these deleted scenes have been taken from the DVD release of Alien vs. Predator; note that one of these scenes is exclusive to the American DVD, while others are exclusive to the European edition. Also note that sequences initially deleted from the theatrical release of the film but later reinstated in its extended cut are not noted here; details on these scenes can instead be found in the Unrated Edition article.

Cambodia 2000 BC

AVP deleted prologue

Storyboard of the Cambodian prologue.[1]

The film originally began with an additional prologue scene set in ancient Cambodia, where several primitive human hunters come into contact with a group of warring Aliens and Predators near a sacred temple. Storyboards for this sequence can be seen in The Making of AVP and it also appears in the film's novelization.

The Sister

AVP deleted 02

Lex talking to Miller.

When Lex is telling Miller about her father training helicopter pilots, she tells more about her experience on the ice and mentions that she has a sister who moved to Florida, but the added dialogue was cut. Paul W. S. Anderson has said this scene was trimmed because the audience already knows why Lex is an expert in her field due to the introduction scene of her climbing the mountain. It is included on both the American and European DVD.

'O Sole Mio

AVP deleted 03

The "valuable archaeological find".

A brief extension showed Sebastian humming "'O Sole Mio" while he is in the snow cat with Lex heading to the whaling station. Lex asks about the bottle bottle cap around his neck and he tells her it's a valuable archaeological find, which they both laugh at. This can be seen on the European DVD.

Predators Waking Up

A scene was originally planned showing the Predators coming out of suspended animation aboard their ship before arriving at Earth. Third-scale anatomically-correct models of naked Predators were built for the scene, but it was cut, likely before filming.[2] It did, however, appear in the novelization.

The Predator Ship

AVP deleted 01

The Predators look down at Earth.

Another extension was to show the Predators looking down at Earth before they assemble their weaponry.

"A long thin viewing window at the front of the spacecraft. Through it, an awesome VIEW of the Earth spread out below us. Standing against the window — THREE PREDATORS in SILHOUETTE, outlined against the blue green globe. Weapons in their hands. The HUNTERS, preparing for the HUNT."

The Hole

When the group gathers at the top of the access tunnel they find bored through the ice, the scene originally went on longer. After Quinn has explained that no team in the world could have dug the shaft in only 24 hours, Weyland suggests that an expedition from another country may have beaten them to the prize, noting that they clearly have vastly superior equipment. An anxious Quinn points out that the machinery used to cut the hole is unlike anything he has ever encountered, and suggests they should find out more before they proceed. Lex then notes that there is no base camp set up for whoever may have dug the hole. Behind the scenes footage of the filming of this scene can be found in the film's making-of documentary, and it takes place in the novelization.

Put Your Hat On

As the team explores the whaling camp, Miller runs into Lex and asks her if she'll take a photo of him. She bluntly tells him to put his hat back on, which he has removed, but he complains that it is itchy. She then tells him of a time she saw a man lose both his ears to frostbite, and Miller sheepishly puts the hat back on. This scene is found in the novelization. Behind the scenes footage of it being shot can also be found in the making-of documentary, but it was not included in the final film.

The Mercenaries

Extra footage was filmed before the three Predators attack the mercenaries and the drillers on the surface that helps to explain why so many heavily armed men have been brought along on the expedition. Quinn asks Klaus what he is doing, and he tells him he is securing the area, as per Weyland's orders. Quinn asks who the area needs to be secured from, leading Klaus to respond, "Claim jumpers. The Russians, the Chinese... another corporation. Anybody could be out there." (It is possible "another corporation" was intended as a subtle reference to the Yutani Corporation.) Following this, another small scene inside one of the huts was to show Sven and Mikkel trying to get a portable heater started. These scenes are in the novelization.

Ugly SOB

Verheiden's line, "You ugly son of a bitch!" is said differently in the trailer. Instead of shouting angrily, he breathlessly pants, "You ugly... son of a-"

Scar Turns

After killing Weyland, an extra shot showed Scar turning towards the camera, with Weyland's body lying on the floor in the background.

Miller Gets Caught

After being dragged away by a Xenomorph, Miller manages to escape and reach the staircase where Weyland was killed, where he is observed by two other Xenomorphs.

"The duct opens up into a larger chamber. Miller crawls out and stands. He slowly moves into... the staircase. Miller sees something, walks over to it. It's Weyland's dead body. High angle looking down on Miller in the foreground something moves. High up in the chamber above the staircase are Aliens preparing to attack the unsuspecting scientist."
This is included on the American DVD.

Score One for the Beakers

After Miller kills the leaping Facehugger, he originally exclaimed, "Score one for the Beakers!" This was cut because the scene explaining what 'Beakers' means was also taken out earlier in the film; while that scene was later added back into the Unrated Edition, this small piece of footage was not. The line does, however, appear in the novelization.

Crawling Facehugger


The Facehugger crawling over its victim

An extra shot of a Facehugger crawling over its victim was removed, most likely from the flashback sequence where we see the maiden being sacrificed. In the finished film you still see a Facehugger crawling over her body, but it is shown from a completely different angle.

Love Scene

Originally, Sebastian and Lex did not jump straight over the crevasse as in the final film. Instead, Sebastian grabs Lex at the last moment, stopping her from falling into it, and the two almost share a kiss as he holds her to him. They turn back, only to be confronted by a Xenomorph, after which the scene plays out as in the final film and they jump the gap. This scene was cut to make the jump appear more dramatic, with Lex and Sebastian leaping straight across the gap as soon as they get there, instead of the second time they reach it. This is included on the American and European DVDs.

Noticing Grid

The trailer includes a brief shot of Grid looking at Sebastian, with Sebastian aware that Grid is there. This is nowhere to be seen in the film.

Looking for Targets in the Hive

As Lex and Scar make their way into the Hive, a brief extension showed Lex stopping to inspect the Xenomorph resin while Scar moved, scanning for enemies with his Plasmacaster. This scene was to occur just before they reach the Egg chamber where they find the cocooned bodies of Sebastian, Verheiden and Miller.

Grid vs. Scar

Just after Lex kills one of the Xenomorphs with the piton gun, Grid was supposed to attack Scar. It is not clear if this was actually filmed, but the scene is in the novelization and the script.

"A second Alien, "Grid" appears and rushes the sled. Grid smashes the piton gun. Scar reaches for his throwing disc and drives it into Grid's crown, wounding him badly. Acid blood pours from Grid's wounds, splashing Scar and burning through Scar's armor. Scar's wounds are brutal but not deadly. Grid and Scar are locked in deadly combat. Grid is clawing at Scar, with blow after pounding blow. Scar throws Grid back against the wall of ice. Lex grabs Scar and they tumble back into the sled together."

Grid Reaches the Surface


Grid on the surface

In the script, the final explosion doesn't happen until after Lex and Scar had reached the surface. Before the blast, Grid also reaches the top of the tunnel and emerges on the surface, but is then killed when Scar's Self-Destruct Device initiates. In the film, the explosion happens when Lex and Scar are shooting up on the sledge and it is implied that Grid is killed at the bottom of the tunnel. However, the original version was used in the novelization.

"Far below, but with surprising speed, the Alien Queen is ascending the tunnel. Razor sharp claws cutting into the ice, giving her purchase. And clambering over her, even riding on top of her, are her children. Leading the hungry pack of ravenous aliens is GRID! Scar helps the groggy Lex to her feet. He pushes her on, running through the whaling station. Behind them, Grid appears at the mouth of the tunnel. CLOSE ON GRID. He is the first Alien to reach the surface. He HOWLS for Scar's blood. This has been a personal grudge match between the two of them. He is about to leap forward when suddenly — The SCREEN WHITES OUT as the Predator Bomb finally explodes. The blast wave from the Predator Bomb hurtles up the tunnel. The snow around Grid's feet vibrates with the force of the coming explosion. Grid turns back to look down the tunnel. The growing fireball is reflected in the shiny opaque dome of his head. Grid has only a moment to try and turn away before the fireball hits him with full force. He is BLOWN TO PIECES."

Scar and the Spear


Scar with the spear

A scene in the trailer shows Scar holding the spear made from the Xenomorph tail. In the film, Scar is only ever seen running with the spear in hand, losing it as the whaling station collapses into the ice. This short shot may have been related to the above scene showing Grid reaching the surface.

Grid's Finger

In the HBO Special featurette on the Alien vs. Predator DVD, Scar is seen holding Grid's finger. This scene was most likely cut because the scene where Grid reaches the surface was also removed.

"The SNOW around them HISSES and melts where chunks of Alien carcass have landed. One of these chunks looks familiar. It's a piece of Grid's head — his signature pattern clearly visible. Scar leans down and picks something up. He carries it over to Lex. She still wears the Alien Tail Spear and Shield slung over her back. Lex is still dazed, and it takes a moment for her to realize what is happening. Scar pulls a trophy Alien finger from his belt..."

Scar and the Predalien Chestburster


Behind the scenes image of Anderson with the dagger

In the script, after the Queen impales Scar at the end, Scar realises that there is a Predalien Chestburster inside him and tries to stab himself in the chest.

"Scar reaches for his ceremonial dagger, but is just too weak. Lex helps it into his hands, and for a moment Scar holds the blade before his own chest. Almost as if he intended to stab himself. It's a striking image, but one that will make little sense until the end of the picture.
Scar (in Lex's voice): The enemy of my enemy...
LEX: Is my friend.
And then Scar dies. The blade falling unused by his side.
The book AVP: The Creature Effects of ADI contains a behind the scenes image showing Paul Anderson holding the dagger as he explains the scene to the actors.[3]


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