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Avp 2004 novel
Alien vs. Predator

Marc Cerasini



Publication date

July 2004

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Alien vs. Predator is a 2004 novelization of the film of the same name, written by Marc Cerasini.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The two most terrifying forces in the universe are about to fight to the death... and Earth is their battleground!

A mysterious structure has been detected via satellite far below the ice at the bottom of the world. Assembled by a billionaire industrialist, a crack team of scientists, drillers, archaeologists and adventurers has travelled to the Antarctic wastes to make history by exploring what is believed to be a fully preserved pyramid pre-dating those built by early Egyptian and Mexican civilizations.

But once this expedition crew enters, there will be no way out — and no hope left for mankind. Because deep within the labyrinth, a terror is stirring — an alien monstrosity more vicious, cunning, evil and unstoppable than any species in the universe — except one: the otherworldly Predators who brought the nightmare to Earth to begin with and who are now returning here to face the beast once more in unholy combat.

The battle is about to begin — and to the victor will go the planet.

Differences from the FilmEdit

  • In the novel, there are five Yautja and not three. The fourth one is killed by several Xenomorphs some time after Celtic's death, and the last one is ambushed by them immediately after and impregnated by a Facehugger. He is later mercy-killed by Scar.
  • The Yautja armor is described as a pressurized, full body suit.
  • It is shown that only a few of the Eggs laid by the Queen are fertile.
  • Among the Yautja, only Scar is referred by his name.
  • Grid is referred to as the "Alpha-alien".
  • The sarcophagus that contains the weapons is clearly Yautja-made.
  • The fight between Celtic and Grid is shorter and less intense, and his ending is significantly different. Instead of taking him by surprise when breaking out from the net, Grid kills Celtic after cleanly overpowering him.
  • Scar marks himself with the finger of a Drone, as he doesn't find Facehuggers on his way.
  • In the novel, Alexa and Sebastian have to fight off some Facehuggers while hanging over the crevice.
  • During their first encounter, Scar and Alexa are attacked by not one, but two Xenomorphs. One of them is Grid. After Scar buries Grid under an avalanche of debris and Alexa kills the other with his spear, four more Drones come to attack them, but they are flushed away by Scar's plasma caster shots.
  • The Yautja can apparently manipulate the Pyramid's wall shifting through a hieroglyph keypad.
  • Alexa is given a complete armor suit made from Alien quitin.
  • While dissecting the Alien corpse, Scar scares Alexa by triggering a Xenomorph post-mortem reflex towards her, which she interprets as a joke. This is based on a deleted scene from the film. In general, Scar's behavior is portrayed as more expressive and human-like than in the film. He also uses recordings of her voice to communicate with her.
  • Alexa kills another Xenomorph by herself, shooting it in the head with a piton gun.
  • Very much like in the film, Scar's body is shown in the Mother Ship with a Chestburster inside of him. However, oddly enough, the novel never explains when or where he was impregnated.



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