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Alien: The Cold Forge is an upcoming 2018 novel, to be written by Alex White and published by Titan Books.[1] It is due to be released on April 24, 2018.[1]

According to White's literary agent Connor Goldsmith, the book "is about Blue Marsalis, a scientist with ALS who hopes experiments on Xenomorphs will lead to a cure. It goes... not well. With test subjects gone rogue and a Weyland-Yutani mercenary sent to kill her, her only defense is a robot she controls remotely with her mind. It's a tense psychological thriller with two compelling, morally complex leads (Blue and the hitman), and I'm very excited about it!"[1]

Publisher's Summary

With the failure of Hadley's Hope, Weyland-Yutani has suffered a devastating defeat — the loss of the Aliens. Yet there's a reason the company rose to the top, and they have a redundancy already in place. Remote station RB-323 abruptly becomes their greatest hope for weaponizing the Xenomorph, but there's a spy aboard — someone who doesn't necessarily act in the company's best interests. If discovered, this person may have no choice but to destroy RB-323... and everyone on board. That is, if the Xenomorphs don't do the job first.


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