Alien: Covenant - Prologue is a series of 2017 promotional short films directed by Ridley Scott and his son Luke Scott.

The films were created as marketing pieces for Alien: Covenant. The first film, titled Last Supper, introduces the crew of the Covenant, while the second, titled The Crossing, links Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. The films were released via 20th Century Fox's official YouTube channel.

Last Supper


Aboard the Covenant, the crew prepare to enter hypersleep before their long journey. After Captain Branson turns in, the rest of the crew party, drinking, gambling, joking and enjoying a last meal before their long sleep. When Upworth begins choking on the food, Walter has to step in to dislodge the offending item and save her life. Daniels makes a speech about their journey together and the whole crew toast to the Covenant.


The Crossing


In order to help her pilot the Engineer Juggernaut and escape LV-223, Shaw repairs David, reattaching his head to his body, and together the two set off in search of the Engineer homeworld. As the journey will be long, David places Shaw into one of the Engineer hypersleep capsules, promising to wake her when they arrive. David spends his time alone learning about the Engineers, their society and their customs.

Some time later, the Juggernaut arrives at an uncharted planet above a large Engineer city. David docks the ship with a large docking vessel floating above the center of the settlement. He opens a large aperture in the Juggernaut's base, looking down upon the city below, stating, "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair..." as hundreds of Steatite Ampules begin to mobilize behind him.



  • Last Supper contains numerous references to Alien. Most obviously, the entire sequence where Upworth chokes is a clear reference to Kane and the infamous Chestburster scene; Tennessee's response when he sees Upworth is in trouble — "The food's not that bad!" — is almost verbatim what Parker says when Kane begins choking. There is also a drinking bird visible on the table, just as there was on the Nostromo.
  • In Last Supper, Captain Branson states he is unwell and turning in early because he is "burning up", in hindsight an obvious pointer to his fate in Alien: Covenant, in which he is burned up inside his cryotube.
  • While neither short film appears in its entirety as part of Alien: Covenant, small sections of The Crossing are included in the feature film.