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Alien Covenant Score 01
Alien: Covenant
Composed by Jed Kurzel
Label Milan Records
Release date(s) 2017
Preceded by Prometheus
Followed by
Alternate cover
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Alien: Covenant is the official soundtrack album to the 2017 motion picture Alien: Covenant, composed by Jed Kurzel.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Incubation"
  2. "The Coveannt"
  3. "Neutrino Burst"
  4. "A Cabin on the Lake"
  5. "Sails"
  6. "Planet 4/Main Theme"
  7. "Launcher Landing"
  8. "Wheat Field"
  9. "Spores"
  10. "The Med Bay"
  11. "Grass Attack"
  12. "Dead Civilization"
  13. "Survivors"
  14. "Payload Deployment"
  15. "Command Override"
  16. "Face Hugger"
  17. "Chest Burster"
  18. "Lonely Perfection"
  19. "Cargo Lift"
  20. "Bring It to My Turf"
  21. "Terraforming Bay"
  22. "Alien: Covenant Theme"


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