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Alan Decker
Biographical information

Ellen Ripley (ancestor)

Physical description






Notable Facts

Telepathic abilities
Of special interest to Xenomorphs


Alan Decker was an empath, which is a low level telepath according to Andrea Rollins. Decker was also a descendent of Ellen Ripley and because of this, he was targeted by Xenomorphs, who can sense that he is related to Ripley as she was apparently genetically marked.


Alan was kidnapped by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and coerced into helping them capture a Xenomorph, first by telling him he owes them a debt due to Ripley's exploits costing them money and then by threatening his family. Alan is introduced to a mercenary/free-lancer team and becomes friends with Adams, a female mercenary and the only one who is pleasant with him. Alan and the team then goes to New Galveston, a habitable planet with numerous colony, one which is a mining colony for trimonite.


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