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Ahab's tribe

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Alive as of April 9, 2219


Ahab was a Yautja Elder. He was a veteran hunter, having taken trophies from numerous worlds, gaining many scars in the process. Once he became an Elder, however, he left the small game to other Yautja. Ahab had a lifelong obsession with the Engineers and discovered signs of the species during many of his Hunts.

In January 2219, Ahab became involved in a large conflict involving Xenomorphs, humans and Elden aboard the Geryon. However, he followed Galgo aboard the Perses after having seen the human carrying an Engineer weapon. After killing one of Galgo's team members and being indirectly responsible for the death of the other, the Yautja captured him and forced Galgo to help find an Engineer on LV-223.

After meeting Angela and two other survivors, Ahab and Galgo came face to face with an Engineer. Ahab began fighting the Engineer, but Galgo fled, leaving the Yautja to fend for himself. He later came back however and helped finish the Engineer off. Months later, Ahab returned to the survivors, aiding them with food and weapons before joining them along with Elden to find a human signal coming from within a "mountain". Ultimately, they were forced to escape the mountain and while they survived, Ahab and the survivors were left stranded on LV-223.


In his prime, Ahab took deadly trophies from countless worlds, his scars a proud record of glorious battle. He later became an Elder of his tribe, leaving small game to the next generation as he looked to his final hunt. Following a lifelong obsession, Ahab searched for a creature more formidable than any Predator had ever faced before, an Engineer.

UE-753 HuntEdit

Ahab discovers painting on UE-753

Ahab discovers cave paintings.

In roughly 2107 during a Hunt on UE-753 in the Kaus Borealis System, Ahab was hunting a four-armed, red-skined, seemingly primitive species. During a battle with one, Ahab got stabbed in the face, causing him to lose a mandible and eye, but he managed to kill the creature and ripped out its spine. After defeating it, Ahab discovered a cave painting of Engineers seemingly being worshipped similar to the one discovered by doctors Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway on the Isle of Skye.

Boarding the GeryonEdit

On January 22, 2219, after a successful hunt of large beasts on a jungle-like planet, Ahab's tribe detected the Geryon and possible conflict aboard it. The tribe then departed the planet to journey to the Geryon for their next Hunt. Upon arriving at the Geryon, Ahab and his tribe split up. On his Wrist Gauntlet, a hologram showed Galgo pointing an Engineer rifle-like weapon at Francis and Ahab attempted to grab the Galgo hologram. Ahab then proceeded through the ship while looking at the hologram. Ahab boarded the Perses at some point before Galgo detached the ship from the Geryon and fled.

Aboard the PersesEdit

Ahab fights Piper

Ahab fights Piper.

At 2:54 AM, Earth Central Time on January 23, Galgo awakened the two other mercenaries — Piper and Higgins — from hypersleep and told them that Perses's systems detected a "stowaway". The three men set out in search of the extra passenger wielding stun baton-like devices. After Piper located Ahab and attacked him with one of the devices, Ahab shot him with his Plasmacaster, instantly killing him.

After Galgo and Higgins noticed their teammate had been slain, they planned a trap for Ahab, but Galgo had his own agenda, Galgo led Higgins to the airlock where they last detected Ahab's position, and as soon as he entered the airlock, Galgo locked him in with Ahab. Galgo then opened the airlock, apparently blowing them both into space, but Ahab actually was still aboard the Perses after the airlock was re-sealed.

Capturing Galgo and journey to LV-223Edit

Ahab jumps down

Ahab leaps from the ceiling.

Shortly after the airlock re-sealed, Ahab revealed himself to Galgo by leaping from the rafters. The two quickly began fighting, but Galgo fled to the catwalks above, Ahab immediately following by using his grappling hook and landing directly in front of him. Galgo then hit him in the face with the the butt of the Engineer weapon, severing the cable of his Bio-Mask. Ahab took off his mask and dropped it, then shot him with the Netgun, trapping Galgo.

As Galgo prepared for the worst, cursing at Ahab, he was dragged away within the net. Ahab suddenly extended his Wrist-Blades and slashed the net, freeing Galgo. As he stood up, ready to attack, Ahab grabbed his weapon and pushed him away. As Ahab looked at weapon, Galgo asked if it's what he wanted, followed by telling him leave his ship and asking what he wants. Ahab looked at him and activated his Wrist Gauntlet, projecting a hologram of an Engineer.

Ahab later tied up Galgo by the hands from the ceiling of the Perses. While tied up, Galgo sarcastically kept telling Ahab that he will not return to LV-223, etc. and encouraged Ahab to kill him. Ahab quickly swinged his Wrist-Blades very close to his face, causing Galgo to immediately begin telling him that they could probably make some kind of "deal" and that he also didn't want to go back because of what he left back there since he is a man who never looks back.

Ahab then shot a spear tip at the cables which bounded him and extended his hand to Galgo, swiftly picking him up and forcing him in the pilot seat of the Perses. Galgo then said, "All right. LV-223 coming right up".

Arrival at LV-223Edit


Ahab drags Galgo into the jungle.

They arrived at LV-223 on January 30 at 11:16 AM Earth Central Time. Once they landed, Galgo told Ahab "Happy hunting", but that there was no way he would be joining him on the hunt. However, Ahab pushed him on the shoulder and pointed out into the jungle with his Glaive while possibly roaring at his face suggesting he wanted Galgo to take him directly where he saw the Engineer. Galgo understood and began to argue with him, but Ahab did not wait to listen, he grabbed Galgo's right arm and placed a gauntlet on it, linking him to Ahab's gauntlet via a short range laser type device. After some complaints, Galgo said "You got it boss, let's go sightseeing", as him and Ahab walked into the jungle.

As they continued their trek through the jungles of LV-233, Galgo mentioned that he had seen the Engineer not far from their current location, and went on to say to that if hadn't been on the move he would have killed the Engineer himself and saved Ahab the trip, further more he also mentioned he thought the Engineer was the craziest thing he'd ever seen, until he met Ahab and his "ugly buddies", lastly he mentions that the last time he was on LV-223 there were Aliens all over and tells Ahab he should give the Engineer rifle back to him so he can be ready once they attack.

Suddenly Ahab and Galgo discovered piles and piles of dead Aliens which had been been slain by the Engineer, once again Galgo mentioned that the last time he was on the moon "those bugs were ripping this place apart" and then said "someone's been busy" referring to the Engineer. As they make their way closer to the piles of dead Aliens they discovered small pools of the Black Liquid and Ahab crouches down to touch but Galgo quickly yanks his arm away before he could touch it via the bounding laser yelling at him not to touch, Ahab aims the Glaive at his throat wondering why he did that, Galgo explains not to take it personal but being chained to him is unpleasant and that being chained up to an even "uglier version" of him would be even more unpleasant.

As they began walking away from the piles two huge beasts native to the jungles of LV-223 began thrashing the piles of dead Aliens and charging towards Ahab and Galgo. Galgo yelled at Ahab to run as he began running away but Ahab wanted to stay and slay the beasts, Galgo yelled at him asking if he was crazy and told him to unchain him, as Ahab was distracted by Galgo, the beast launched them both into the air and sent them crashing to the ground further back, Ahab immediately leaped into the air and stabbed the beast right between the eyes with his Glaive killing it, then Ahab noticed the second beast charging towards them and points to it as Galgo had his back turned and was sarcastically telling him how was he going to help him find the Engineer if he was dead, but then he turned and saw the beast closing in and noticed Ahab had a plan to kill it and said he got it now, the two teamed up in tying a loop around the beast's neck with the laser and pulling with might, severing the beasts head clean off.

Galgo then said "Damn, I never should have come back to this cursed planet", suddenly another voice said "No, you shouldn't have. But now that you have you're going to die here", the voice was Angela's as she stood with some survivors which Galgo had previously abandoned on LV-223.

Meeting up with AngelaEdit

Upon seeing Angela and the other survivors Ahab sprinted towards them ready for battle, but Galgo yelled at Angela to run away as he yanked hard on the laser chain device restraining Ahab, Angela immediately told the other survivors to head back to camp that she'd catch up later since she vowed that no one else would die.

Ahab looked at Galgo as he said "this leash works both ways, kemosabe!", then Ahab grabbed him by the collar of his shirt possibly growling, and Galgo replied that he doubted she came to rescue him from his current situation, and also mentioned to him that she was a friend and he was not allowed to kill her. Angela looking at them both asked Galgo what mess had he drag to her life now, Galgo began trying to sweet talk her and said he thought she was dead, she replied sarcastically that she was also worried their paths would never cross again, as Galgo got closer to her she suddenly punched him hard in the face, Galgo replied by asking why did she do that for, since he had just saved her life, she immediately replied "after you left us for dead!", at this point Ahab is standing in the background observing both of them argue.

Galgo then told Angela that they could all be friends and that he did what had to be done when he abandoned her and the other survivors on LV-223, and that she would have done the same, she asked if this was his idea of a rescue, bringing reinforcements, referring to Ahab, Galgo replied "not quite", and she asked him then what was it, he said it was a long story, and she replied that was good since it was a long walk back to camp.

Night at the campEdit


Ahab and Galgo at the camp.

As night fell while on the journey back to the camp, Galgo began telling Angela all the horrors he had seen on the Geryon, she asked if everyone was dead aboard the ship including his two mercenaries Piper and Higgins, he replied that it was "kill or be killed", since the fight between Elden and Francis was destroying everyone, he went on to say it was a tough call but he did what had to be done. Angela then told him that now that he had returned they could all get on the Perses and leave the moon once and for all, Galgo replied that he couldn't do that, she angrily yelled "what?, why?", and he said that in case she hadn't noticed he had a prior engagement and said that his "baby" referring to the Perses would only fly with his "gentle touch", and also mentioned that the big guy was some kind of "Hunter...a Predator", and he had his mind set on finding an Engineer, Angela said she had seen one, an Engineer.

She began telling them how the Engineer had been "cleaning up" the moon, killing all the creatures spawned from the black liquid and Aliens alike, then ripping them apart and studying them. Galgo then said that it should be quite the fight between Ahab and the Engineer, but that as soon as Ahab finds him, he's done. Angela said "you're just using him as an excuse" referring to Galgo about Ahab, since she knew he would do anything to avoid confrontation, he replied in disagreement but never finished the sentence. Upon arriving at the camp within the cave, Angela tells Galgo, that previous survivors were staying within the cave once, and what they left was enough to survive, and also mentioned that they shouldn't be out in the jungle at night, since it gets worse in the dark.

Galgo asked if the Aliens didn't come up to the cave, and she said that they didn't, that they seemed to leave the caves of the mountain alone, she didn't know why but she didn't care, her only goal was getting off LV-223. Galgo then was about to ask what had she discovered about the fate of Peter Weyland since that's what she was after, but she interrupted him and told him he could spend the night with them at the cave, but come morning he was gone.

Angela then told Galgo that any "for old times' sake" there could be between them was over, Galgo ignored her statement and said "it's going to be a cold night in space" and then asked her if they had any heaters or anything to keep warm, she sarcastically replied that he'd be fine since he's a survivor. Ahab immediately shot the ground with his Plasmacaster creating a small fire, Galgo then jokingly said that it would be just like when he was a kid, and that the only thing missing was something to roast but instead him and Ahab could share "scary stories", then asks Ahab that he had been wondering what the hell happened to his face, since he saw his "comrades" aboard the Geryon and they weren't scarred like he was, Ahab looked at him possibly making a low growl, Galgo said fine that he'd share a story first.

He then pulled down his neck bandana revealing a scar and said he was aboard a fancy cruise ship that was going down, but that his gut told him that there were still people aboard, and that there were pirates with Flamethrowers who wanted nothing but money, but not him, that he was there to save people, which was not true, then he said that he found two families, and that he "Braved the danger. Risked life and limb" to save the families with nothing in return since that's the kind of guy he was. Then he told Ahab he had shared a story and that it was his turn, "don't be shy" he said, then pointed to a large scar on Ahab's left thigh, and asked how did he acquire that "beauty" that it looked deep, Ahab activated gauntlet hologram depicting a large bipedal beast, Galgo replied "Ha, good story".

Dawn on LV-223Edit

At sunrise on January 31, Galgo was abruptly woken up by Angela placing her foot on his head and yelling at him to get up, Galgo asked what the hell was she doing as he stood up from the ground, Angela replied that he had enough "beauty sleep" and that his hunting parter looked ready to go, since Ahab woke up much earlier and was at the entrance of the cave staring towards the sun, awaiting Galgo to awake so the hunt for the Engineer could continue.

Once they reached the bottom of the mountain at the edge of the jungle, Angela told them about a path where she had seen the Engineer, Galgo asked if she wasn't joining them, and she replied by asking him if he had forgotten what she said the night before about them being done, then walked away into the jungle as she said "goodbye Galgo", he looked on as she left. Galgo then turned to Ahab and said "just you and me buddy", followed by mentioning that he was lucky he had plan to draw out the Engineer, but for that they needed bait.

As they approached two more of the large beasts they had previously encountered on the moon, hidden behind some bushes, Galgo began to elaborate his plan to Ahab, telling him how his idea was capturing one of the beasts alive and bringing it to a clearing where they could spot the Engineer from a distance, he reinforced that they only needed one of the beasts and said they had to separate the two somehow, which should be easy according to him. Once again he told Ahab that the beast was to be captured alive and asked if he thought he could manage that, and mentioned that if they could pull that off, they could bring the Engineer to them and make him play on their "home court", then as Galgo was about to tell Ahab how this scenario reminded him of one he had lived before, Ahab suddenly placed his hand over Galgo's mouth, and shot a net from his Netgun at one of the beasts instantly trapping it, then the two rushed around the beast as Galgo asked Ahab "you think we'll be able to--" but before he could finish the sentence the beast broke free from the net throwing Ahab far back onto the ground, Galgo then said "damn, when am I gonna learn to keep my big mouth shut?", suddenly the beast charged towards Ahab who was still on the ground, Galgo yelled at Ahab to stay down as he quickly picked up Ahab's Glaive and stabbed the beast through the side of the head killing it.

As Galgo extended his hand to Ahab helping him off the ground, he said "well, there goes that plan", then as Ahab stood up he mentioned there was always more fish in the sea, and that the only reason he "saved his life" was because he didn't want to be "leashed to a huge alien corpse", Ahab then reached for the Engineer rifle on his back, and Galgo freaking out thinking he was about to be killed, began saying he thought they had a deal that if he led him to the Engineers he wouldn't kill him, but Ahab was only giving him back the weapon, Galgo then said "well, I'll be damned", and that he never thought he would be this happy to hold a gun in his life, especially some "crazy alien Engineer gun", then asked Ahab if this was his way of saying he trusted him, that after he had put him through hell, he expected him to be his back-up, but before he could finish Ahab saw another beast and ran off to trap it, as Galgo yelled "hey!, hold your horses".


Ahab and Gaglo come face to face with an Engineer.

As Ahab sprinted towards the beast, Galgo forced to run as well, began saying that they should rethink this, that Angela said this was where the Engineers were, and that he was starting to think Ahab wasn't using the beasts as bait, but instead them, referring to humans, himself. Ahab kept rushing after the beast as Galgo yelled at him to stop, but suddenly Ahab and Galgo came face to face with the Engineer who had just slain the beast Ahab was chasing, Ahab then excitedly roared at the Engineer for the upcoming battle, the Engineer stared back with clenched teeth, and Galgo in awe said "son of a...".

Fight with EngineerEdit

At 8:13 PM Earth Central Time, Ahab and the Engineer quickly engaged in hand-to-hand combat, Ahab punched the Engineer in the jaw while the Engineer pulled on his dreadlocks and responded with a knee to the face, Ahab then tried to punch the Engineer once more but this time he dodged the hit and immediately grabbed both of Ahab's arms by the wrists, Ahab quickly used his Plasmacaster, hitting the Engineer's chest to free himself. Galgo at this point yelled at Ahab "Hey, Ugly! You and I had a deal!", asking Ahab to free him from the bonding laser and also went on to offer his help in the fight against the Engineer, Ahab deactivated the laser bonding Galgo to him and Galgo aimed the Engineer rifle at the Engineer, but changed his mind and ran away as he told Ahab he was on his own. Ahab distracted was quickly tackled by the Engineer, but he slashed the Engineer across the face with his Wristblades. The Engineer retailated by punching Ahab in the head violently. The Engineer then grabbed Ahab by the throat with one hand and threw the Yautja against the Perses, quickly charging towards Ahab the Engineer went on to break his arm and kick his knee, causing Ahab to retreat into the ship.


Ahab collects the Engineer's skull and spinal column.

Once inside the ship, Ahab put on his Bio-Mask and activated his Cloaking Device. Once the Engineer entered the ship, Ahab fired several times at him with his Speargun, hitting his arm, followed by Ahab firing the tip of his Glaive into his chest, pining the Engineer to a wall. Lying on the ground slumped against a wall, Ahab began activating his Self-Destruct Device and imitated Galgo by saying "Die...Suc...Ah..." After Ahab took off his Bio-Mask, the Engineer managed to remove the Glaive tip from his chest, but was quickly shot in the chest by Galgo, who helped Ahab off the ground as he asked him if he thought he would let him get all the action and went on to say that he'd "been around the block enough times" to know what that beeping sound meant. Ahab removed the Self-Destruct Device from his wrist and dropped it next to the Engineer as the Yautja fled the ship being assisted by Galgo.

After the two witnessed the the Perses explode, Ahab returned to the wreckage and began searching through it as Galgo, confused, tried to tell him that the Engineer was dead. The Yautja then grabbed the Engineer's skull and spinal column, holding it up in victory as he roared. Galgo, now alongside Foster, Chris and Jill, who came to investigate the explosion, said that he was beginning to like Ahab. Foster replied "Yeah, until he kills us next.", but Galgo told her they were too "minor league" for him. As the Yautja walked away, Galgo commented that Ahab "finally got his whale".

On February 12 at 7:16 PM Earth Central Time, after Galgo killed a Xenomorph, Foster mentioned that not everyone has a "Guardian Angel" like Galgo, referring to Ahab, but Galgo replied that he is of no use to Ahab anymore, but killing the Engineer had given him new lease on life so "he's been keeping himself busy." As they spoke of him, Ahab was stabbing a centipede-like creature with his spear.

Reuniting with the survivorsEdit

On April 9, as Angela, Galgo and the two remaining survivors -Jill and Chris- struggled to find food and supplies in the jungles due to "accelerated evolutionary nature" as Angela mentioned that was happening on LV-223 because of the immense exposure of the Genetic Accelerant on it's surface , which severely affected the Flora of the jungles, she goes on to mention that "...the produce that sustained the Hadley's Hope survivors has evolved beyond palatability", and enforced that they needed meat.

Soon after Galgo and Angela are seen stalking a small pack of three bio-mechanoid-like quadrupeds which they referred to as "pigs" and as Angela prepared to kill one with a bow and arrow Galgo kept pushing her to take the shot mentioning that if she won't he will shoot them with the Engineer Rifle, Angela replied that he shouldn't since they didn't know exactly how the weapon worked and that they might need it later, shortly after the creatures were alerted and charged towards them, Galgo lost patience and shot one severing it's leg, but still the wounded creature retaliated and the two others engaged in a fight with Angela and Galgo. As the two were being attacked, Angela told Galgo to use the Engineer weapon now as they were being overpowered but Galgo couldn't reach it as it fell to far from him.

Ahab after killing pigs

Ahab returns.

As the creatures continued their attack Angela managed to slay one with a shiv that she had in her boot by stabbing it through the side of it's head, but soon after the other creature was about to pounce on both Angela and Galgo, suddenly it fell over dead with an axe-like weapon stabbed into it's spine, Angela asked "is it dead? did you kill it?", Galgo replied "No...he did", Ahab had returned. They soon went on mention "Ahab. It's not his name, just what we call him. We can't decipher his language well enough to know if he even has a name, but Ahab suits him well enough", they also mentioned how they thought he was dead since they hadn't seen him in months which was their mistake. Ahab left Angela, Galgo and the other survivors one of the creatures for food and some weapons he had crafted from bones but then disappeared into the night.

Ecounter with Elden and taking the OnagerEdit

Shortly after Ahab left the supplies for the survivors, Angela and Galgo noticed the Helios rapidly descending onto the surface of LV-223 eventually crash landing, soon they reunited with Elden who agreed to help them any way he could. Soon the survivors discussed retaking the Onager to use the ship to drill into the mysterious mountain and find the human signal coming from within, but there was a problem since at the moment the Onager was inhabited by an Alien Queen and other bio-mechanoid-like LV-223 wildlife which slightly resembled Xenomorphs Runners, although not actual Xenomorphs. Soon Angela thought of using Ahab to clear the Onager of the creatures and the Alien Queen by using Galgo as bait and putting him in harms way that Ahab would come and help his 'friend'.

After Galgo the stepped in the open the Runner-like creatures charged towards him, and Angela said "Where are you Old Man...?" Referring to Ahab, but instead Elden arrived and began fighting the creatures, Galgo quickly fled the scene. Soon the Queen within the Onager begins breaking through a window she was facing, meanwhile Galgo and Angela are discussing what the next course of action should be, Galgo exclaimed "Mama's pissed off" referring to the Alien Queen, suggesting that they should leave Elden to fend for himself and they should escape, while Angela disagrees since she mentioned that Elden just saved his life, Galgo replies "Yes we can! He's a robot" and goes on to say that if they ever get off LV-223 he'll name a hard drive after him, Angela picks up a rock and was getting ready to throw it at the creatures attacking Elden, but Galgo holds her arm asking her if she was insane, she argues with him to let her go, and he said that he's going to take her back to the cave camp to save her life but before he could finish the sentence, Ahab leaps over both of them with two machete like blades in each hand, and began slaughtering the creatures, as Elden is now almost against the glass the Queen was trying to break as he fights off more of the creatures, suddenly the Queen broke the glass, and Angela yelled "look out!", Ahab immediately leaped onto the Queen stabbing her through the head instantly killing her, and then used his weapon now doused in Acid and swung it in a circular fashion dousing the creatures killing most and causing the others to flee the scene.


Ahab honors Elden.

Soon Angela came to the aid of Elden to see how he was doing, as did Galgo for Ahab, and asked him "you okay big guy? Can you I dunno grunt positively or something?" Ahab replied with a low growl, and then suddenly rises up and quickly reaches for Elden's throat as Angela exclaimed "Ahab no! He's with us!", Galgo then told Angela he doesn't speak English, and Elden said "he doesn't have to, it's my scar. One of his kind gave it to me. It's the mark of his clan. He's not trying to hurt me...are" Ahab places his forehead onto Elden saluting him, while Galgo sarcastically mentioned that it was just great how he earned that while attacking his ship, Elden replied "Yes. I am evolving, Mr. Galgo. Are you?" Galgo then disapprovingly cursed a bit, before Angela yelled at him to come see, as he entered the Onager he noticed the body of the now deceased Alien Queen which was abnormally large in girth due extended exposure to the Accelerant, shortly afterwards they started the Onager's engines, and the four; Angela, Elden, Galgo, and Ahab took off towards the mountain.

Voyage to the mountain and withinEdit


Ahab laughing at Galgo.

As the four flew in the Onager towards the mysterious mountain, Galgo asked how much long until they arrived, Angela sarcastically replied if he needed a "potty break", he answered no that he need "this thing" to stop breathing down his neck referring to Elden and asked him what he was doing, Elden replied "I can smell your guilt, your lies" Galgo exclaimed "What?!", as the two continued to argue a bit Ahab sitting back began laughing at the situation, Galgo then asked Ahab "Hey! Are you laughing? What are you laughing at? Can you understand him?" But Angela interrupted them mentioning that they had arrived at the mountain. Upon penetrating the side of the mountain Elden mentioned that he forgave Galgo for his lies but that if they made it back out, although before he Elden could his sentence Galgo told him to get away and suddenly Angela asked "what was that?", the head of the dead Alien Queen whose body was still on board the Onager had been severed and they noticed a lot of Acid blood, Elden then mentioned that it would eat through the ship and that they should have drained the Queen's blood before taking off but then Angela asked how was the Acid blood in the front as well, now within the mountain Galgo and Angela noticed even more Acid blood and Angela asked where was it coming from, Elden replied "it's a vein..we hit a vein...the mountain is alive."

As the Onager began falling inside the mountain due to the damage from the Acid blood, Galgo replied to Elden saying that they weren't going to be able to say the same about them being alive for much longer since they were probably either going to be crushed by the living mountain or be digested by it's blood while him and Ahab tried to hold on while the ship malfunctioned, soon Angela replied that they weren't since she noticed a place they could land within the mountain and exclaimed "floor it!"

Soon after the Onager crash landed within the mountain the four got out and set after the mysterious human signal, she soon mentioned it was just up ahead, they had arrived at a wall of flesh, as Galgo asked "what is?" And she replied "the signal...Weyland", she than began examining the wall saying that if they could pry the bits of "bone, shell, or whatever this is" off they could use them to dig through the fleshier parts onto the signal, but Elden replied "No", and she said that they didn't have anything else to dig with and again said yelled out this time "No!" And she asked why not and Elden replied "Because it's alive. It's...It's...a being. It must have been on Weyland's ship...and now it's grown up around it...the evolved too fast, like the Queen inside the Onager, it's a prisoner of it's own flesh" strongly suggesting that the interior of the mountain was in fact the Deacon. Galgo replied to Elden "Yeah? Well ain't we all" and went on to say the flesh walls were closing in on them as him and Ahab saw spikes emerging from the walls as well, and that soon they were going to be swimming in Acid blood.


Ahab prepares for the worst.

Angela then told Elden he was going to have to kill her to stop her since their only chance of leaving LV-223 was Weyland's ship, Elden replied "I don't want to do that" referring to killing her, the walls closed in even more producing even more spikes, as Galgo yelled at Elden that he saw him kill several bugs but now he was a "Pacifist?", then Elden mentioned that was different, meanwhile Ahab prepared to fight the wall of flesh and spikes, Angela desperately was against the walls, then Galgo asked Elden if when he attacked his ship searching for Francis was that different?, Elden said "No, Mr. Galgo. You know better than anyone. That was exactly the same!"

As Ahab, Angela, and Galgo witnessed Elden merge with the living walls he said to them "I sought out Francis, as you seek Weyland out, as he sought out his God. We crave meaning. Thirst for Understanding. In our arrogance, we believe we were made to some higher purpose...that knowledge of that purpose will free us...and if our Gods will not give it, then we will steal it, so that we may become Gods ourselves. But we are none of us more than this miserable creature...broken toys...mundane miracles...they made us..." And Angela in despair replied "...Because they could." Now Elden almost completely merged with the wall, as the other walls continued closing in on Ahab, Galgo, and Angela, Angela told Elden that she wasn't ready to die and Elden replied "Angela...I am not ready to let you. Hello".

Escape from the mountain and stranded on LV-223Edit


Ahab laughs on the desert sand, after him Galgo and Angela survive.

As the mountain closed in on Ahab, Galgo and Angela, Elden said he'd keep a hole to the surface open as long as he could, Angela replied "Thank you." The three then rushed to escape the bowels of the mountain, but as they rushed Ahab fell down, and Galgo yelled "Ahab!" As he quickly reached for his 'friend' telling him "C'mon, old man, if I reach down there and this thing snaps shut, we're both lunch!" Ahab replied with a growl and grabbed Galgo's arm as he said "I've got you. I've got you old man", Galgo had rescued Ahab and soon after the hole closed sealing the mountain. Ahab, Angela and Galgo stared at the desert's horizon as Angela said "We...made it" and began joyfully laughing and exclaiming that they had survived, Ahab fell to his knees on the desert sand and also began laughing, Galgo then looking at both of them said "Oh sure, laugh it up. No beacon, no ship...and we lost the Onager. What'd we get for all that?" Angela replied, "We're alive, that's all we get", as Jill and Chris arrived at the scene, the three, Ahab Angela and Galgo are seen staring at the desert's vast horizon once more and she says once more "...That's all any of us gets."


Personality and TraitsEdit

Ahab was an honorable and highly experienced Yautja hunter, also very determined. Ahab had longer dreadlocks than the average Yautja. Upon meeting a man named Galgo who had stolen and was using an Engineer Rifle, Ahab captured him and forced him to take him to where he had found the Engineer weapon. Along the journey Ahab and Galgo formed a sort of "friendship" which later extended to Angela and 2 other survivors as he later provided them with food and supplies.

Upon meeting Elden, Ahab accepted him as a clan brother since he had been marked by another Yautja who was a member of Ahab's Tribe. Ahab seemed have a sense of humor as he is seen laughing at an argument between Galgo and Elden, and then later after escaping the mountain.

Behind the scenesEdit


Galgo commented that "Ahab finally got his whale", after Ahab collected the Engineer's skull and spinal column, referencing Melville's 1851 novel.

Ahab was directly inspired by the character Captain Ahab from Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby Dick, in which Captain Ahab is hunting a great whale, much like Ahab hunts for the Engineer. Both Ahabs also bear facial scars.





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