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Acheron (LV-426)

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Acheron (LV-426)

1,200 km

Points of interest

Acheron (LV-426) is one of three known moons orbiting the Calpamos, which is located in the Zeta II Reticuli system, 39 light years away from Earth. The moon is christened by human colonists as Acheron.

Geographical features

The Ilium Range is a mountain range on the Acheron moon where the USCSS Nostromo discovered the Derelict in 2122.

Terrain and Climate

LV-426 terrain

The surface of LV-426.

Acheron has a 1200 km diameter at its quadrant points QBR 157 052 and has a molten lava base. It's atmosphere is comprised of 10% Argon, 85% Nitrogen and 5% Neon and maintains a gravitational field equivalent to 0.86 of that on Earth. LV-426 was described as being almost primordial. The moon was highly unstable with volcanic activity. The main crust of the moon was formed mostly out of igneous rocks with a surface temperate of absolute zero. Needless to say, LV-426 was inhospitable to human life.

Being so primitive, LV-426 wasn't capable of supporting any forms of life. It had no indigenous life. The moon was home to a crashed alien derelict vessel, the Derelict, however. Its relationship to the planet is unknown.


Acheron has no indigenous life forms, and it's not the Xenomorph homeworld; it was simply a planet upon which an Engineer ship, containing Xenomorphs and their eggs, crash-landed. According to Weyland-Yutani surveys, Acheron was simply a dead rock. After the nuclear detonation of the Hadley's Hope atmosphere station's reactor, the entire area was destroyed and wiped clean.


In 2122, the commercial tow freighter Nostromo touched down to investigate a mysterious signal on the planetoid per company protocol. Though the Nostromo was severely damaged while landing on LV-426, the crew's exploration team consisting of Captain Dallas, Kane and Lambert proceeded to explore the planetoid's surface and eventually discovered a Derelict spacecraft that was responsible for transmitting the signal. While exploring the Derelict's interior, the crew came across the fossilized remains of the ship's pilot and thousands of eggs stored within the ship's cargo hull. Kane was impregnated by a facehugger that emerged from one of the eggs and was taken to the Nostromo for treatment. The Nostromo soon lifted off again, but the creature implanted an embryo in Kane which birthed from his chest in space, leading to the Nostromo's destruction.

Approximately thirty-seven years after the USCSS Nostromo made contact with LV-426, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation established the terraforming colony, Hadley's Hope, on LV-426, using an atmospheric processor to make the planet's atmosphere breathable.

Another twenty years later, the Jordan family sent to investigate a set of coordinates on company orders, discovered the Derelict, apparently untouched since the Nostromo incident fifty-seven years earlier. A facehugger impregnated the father, Russ, when he and his wife explored the Derelict. Under orders from Carter Burke, the colonists investigated the Xenomorph eggs and a large number of colonists were 'facehugged' so that the species could be studied. Four dead facehuggers were kept preserved, and two live ones were removed before embryo implantation, at the cost of the lives of their hosts. However, the humans who were impregnated released chestbursters which matured and established a hive in sub-level 3 of the Hadley's Hope atmosphere processor. The Xenomorphs killed or captured, cocooned and impregnated many of the colonists, and one of the Xenomorphs grew into a Queen and started producing more eggs. The remaining humans barricaded themselves into the colony complex and fought with small arms and the colony's seismic survey charges but to no avail. The Aliens captured or killed outright all but one of the colonists, a little girl.

A short while after this, a Colonial Marines squad, including Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, arrived on LV-426 to investigate the loss of communication. After many battles with the Xenomorphs, the creatures' hive was destroyed when the atmospheric processor's power source exploded. Ripley, Newt (the sole surviving colonist), Corporal Dwayne Hicks, and an android ("Bishop") escaped LV-426 in time on board the USS Sulaco. Unknown to them, the Queen and a facehugger had managed to get aboard; the former was ejected into space by Ripley through the airlock.

Behind the scenes

LV-426 was first introduced in the 1979 film Alien , though it is not named and is simply referred to as a "planetoid" or "ball". In the 1986 sequel Aliens , LV-426 is named. On the timeline of the official viral website for Weyland Industries, as part of the promotion for the film {{{1}}} , the planet's name appears on the timeline page, as officially "Acheron LV-426" bringing both names together. The planet was thought to appear in the film, but instead, the planet LV-223 was used.

In the latter's novelization, LV-426 is the name given to Ellen Ripley shortly before Weyland-Yutani executive Van Leuwen informs Ripley that the planet has since been renamed as Acheron. This is never spoken of in the movie, and the planet remains known as LV-426. This precedent is consistent in the novels, however. In the novelization of Alien3 , "Acheron" is repeatedly misspelled as "Archeron".

LV-426 is mentioned in the musings of Dr Mason Wren in the novelization of Alien Resurrection , in which the researcher reflects that the loss of the Derelict is a great setback. Unlike earlier novels, the planet is once more referred to as "LV-426".


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