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Other than the three Perry books (Prey, Hunter's Planet and War), where else has the term "Yautja" been used in AvP? Perry's books adapted the original comic,"retconning" the unnamed Ryushi hunting party as "Yautja". There's also a lot of diehard Predator movie fans who don't recognize "Yautja" as describing the entire Predator species. Is there a way to include everybody, one that preserves Yautja culture but doesn't necessarily identify them as representing the whole species? I've been thinking of the Yautja as a kind of nationality, like the British Empire at its height or the Chin Dynasty. Nationalism can go pretty far after all, even to the belief that other nationalites are a kind of "sub-species". What would a proud Yautja think of the actions of a Hish-Qu-Ten for instance?----CadmiumX99 06:05, May 5, 2010 (UTC)

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