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I don't know about you guys but I really think if anyone makes another movie it should be about the predators not just people getting hunted by something or another, most of the avp comics i had were with a human and Yautja and i do really think that then you could have a "hunter" type of woman or man with a pred, for me in the movies i see a predator (in predator 2 mostly) and his life via skulls, we have the xenos and preds, we get a pred and an awesome hunter type human and they could open up a wide variety of other hunted and dangerous species. tell me what ya think, hell, we get enough ideas hollywood may steal it XD


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Hm... Well, I'd like to see a Female Predator, but we shouldn't involve a film with AVP. Especially the Comics. Now, the comics were inaccurate and not detailed, and it's best that, for their series, Alien and Predator stay away from involving AVP. The ideas in AVP aren't very good most of the time. I only liked the AVP Games 1, 2, 3 and Extinction, wasn't keen on the Comics, and the movie of the first one was okay. If they make a new film it should be liek Predator One, but with three Predators. Maybe we could involve a Super Predator here or there, as long as we stick with the Predator Timeline I'll be happy. Necromorph-X (talk) (blog) 12:59, December 29, 2010 (UTC)