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• 5/14/2018

Infestation for the Queen

If a Royal Facehugger infects something other than a human, would all Xenomorphs produced as a result of the Facehuggers birthed have traits of the original species infected by said Royal Facehugger?
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• 5/15/2018
dont need to be like this. theres some alien (even avp) comis wich shows not allways that the final stage of the xenomorph will necesarry like the host... somethimes it happens, but its not a law.
if you want examples, i recomend to you: 1990 aliens, or avp duel. :)
• 7/15/2018
No, because the queen is the pure form of a Xenomorph. The eggs that is would lay would be normal facehuggers, then the aliens would vary based on the hosts.
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