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The Xenomorph's Gender

Has the Xenomorph's gender ever been confirmed in a concrete, canonical sense in this movie, or in any subsequent adaptations of this movie?

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The Predalien was a young queen and was referred to as "she" quite a lot by the directors, they even corrected themselves when they once said "he".

And if the predalien wasn't a young queen, it wouldn't be male becausesXenomorphs are genderless, they are just given he or she pronouns for simplicity. The Queen can only  be considered "female" from a human point of view by virtue of laying eggs but she does not mate.

mate, a young queen is a queen that didn t turns into the adult size yet, if they do not born as a queen so they are no female. betas are not "young queens" they are the second most importante aliens that changes the sex if the queen dies. queens are queens, drones are drones, warriors are warriors.

Incorrect. There is no changing of sex because they are genderless and there are no "betas". The directors said the Predalien was a young queen and that's that. Xenos do not need to be born Queens to become Queens, Six was a Warrior and still became Queen.

Also if there is a Queen, the next in line would be Praetorians, which in certain expanded materials will become queen in the event the current one dies.

thats what i said dude, they can born a warrior and become a queen after, still i repeat: a young queen is a queen that didn t get to the adult age yet, praetorians are not young queen, they are warrior, drones and watheaver, the change of sex happens just becouse they need to become a female, i know they are genderless but they turns to a definitive sex when it hapens, my point here is not confirm they are males or females, i repeat again they are genderless, and again: queens are queens warrior are warriors and drones are drones, a young warrior is the one that didnt turns into the adult size yet, as the same with the queen or the drone, if the director said the predalien was a young queen, it was a way to say that was a beta and it could become a queen, but if it was a queen defnly the queen it self would kill him, becouse it is going to become a rival for her. 

about the avp game, yes that warrior is a nother ex of it, groves refers number 6 as "she" just cuz he knows thats going to become a queen so groves preciptates the words.

yes queens are queens, drones are drones warriors are warriors they only become queens if need be, only a queen can be no more and no less, young queen only if she has not reached adulthood, but I still think that only the queen is female and the others are male, there is no genderless.

Alien.warrior360 if the are males or genderless dont mtter any way cuz the queen dont need than to reproduce,if tou want to consider than male is just for the way they bring to the queen what she needes for the hive itself, Or bu the fact in the movies or comics they call than "he" if they are not calling "it" like dr church on aliens labyrinth or aliens ressurection

yes but she needs then to help with the reproduction like... bringing what she needs and helping the fucehuggers, as you said dr church call trixie his pet xenomorph as "he and him" in the mortal kombat game shao khamn refers to the warrior drone and the praetorian as "him"

the name Queen and references as "she" are purely a name and nothing more, they dont need sex for reproduce, so theres no male or female.

ok but, some people thinks they are all female, this sounds ridiculous.

yes this i agree with you.