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Any theories what happened to Lex after the Yautja ship left the Earth?
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Alien vs Predator

What do you like more the Xenomorph or the Yautja?
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What if a face hugger impregnated the hulk?

How powerful will the xenomorph be?
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Ravager vs ultimate predator

Who would win and why/how?
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Master chief v preadator

Share your thoughts
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Elite Predators in Predator 2?

The Elite (title) page says that Elite Predators first appeared in Predator 2. But the City Hunter is listed as Blooded. There's no further information on this, so was there a mistake, or does anyone know which Predator in that movie was Elite?
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Team Alien or Team Predator?

just curious on which you like
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Cyberantics is real?

Someone told me that the (don't expect smash mouth jokes) book cyberantics is a real book and that he owns it

in case you didn't know, cyberantics is a book that was featured in a few scenes in aliens
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how long does it take for a xenomorph change into a praetorion?

When a queen dies how is the pretorion chosen to be the new queen?
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The Predator helmets

I have this particular question about their "helmets". Do their helmets identify their clan or their ranks?
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Cinematographic chronology

I want to watch the entire cinematographic chronology of alien and predator due to the new predator film, does anyone know in which orden I have to watch all of them? Or some of them are out of the chronology? I dont have any idea, so I hope you can help me. Thank you.
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So about Yautja's dreadlocks...

I know that this is a random question out of the ordinary but my only excuss is, I guess it's good to know. So I know they have black dreads for sure and they loose color over time like a bluish tint or gray, but my question is can some predators get a natural brown, blond, ect dread color, in the canon predator universe, and again I know this is random but I guess it is just good to know lol.
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Observation regarding Corporal Hudson's "death".

I've never played Colonial Space Marines, but that is irrelevant to the question at hand. From what I've heard, Hudson's corpse is found in-game in a sewer beneath the colony with a chestburster hole in his chest. This location makes no sense to me. The xenomorphs would not have taken him to the sewers to be cocooned. They would have taken him to the same place they took the colonists: the atmosphere processor. That's where their hive was, not in the sewers. Those [the sewers] were merely for travel. Hudson would have still had a facehugger on him -and very much still alive- when the atmosphere processor when nuclear. Thus he was not killed by any alien.
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Infestation for the Queen

If a Royal Facehugger infects something other than a human, would all Xenomorphs produced as a result of the Facehuggers birthed have traits of the original species infected by said Royal Facehugger?
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neca alien vs predator arcade price

does someone here is a action figure collector? im realy curious to know about the price of the new avp arcade aliens.
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Okay, what is the synthetic's blood made of?

Not irl, because I already know they just used milk, but I wanna know what it is canonically. Latex? I MUST KNOW.
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Jason Voorhees

Should we have an article for him since he has a custom Xenomorph in Mortal Kombat X?
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